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Romance, sex ,and seduction in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:01 pm
by manikjethu
A handsome young executive romances a beautiful heiress. A footballer dumped by his girl makes out with a tribal whore in the forest. An attractive young widow tries to seduce an unsuspecting acquaintance. A jobless man tries his hand at gambling at the village fair. An old man sings devotional songs when alone, oblivious of the romantic/erotic inclinations of his glamorous daughter and widowed daughter-in-law.

All this and much more happen in ARANYER DIN RATRI when four friends set off in their car on a short vacation to the forests off the Bengal border, unlawfully occupy a government guest house, and come across members of an influential and well-to-do local Bengali family. Three days in the forest change them in different ways.

ARANYER... is evidently not one of the Master's most brilliant films. But still it traverses a range of human emotions seldom found in a film without a strong storyline.