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Another masterpiece fm Ray's stable

Another masterpiece fm Ray's stable

Postby siddhartha roy on Mon May 31, 2004 2:32 am

It needs no special commentary to mention how well depicted is the awful man made famine of 1943 in ASANI SANKET.

Superb cinematogaphy backed by a well structured screenplay makes alive the novel creation of Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay.

When the village girl "Chutki" is fleeing to the city "Ananga" the wife of the Brahmin Priest "Gangacharan"( thats the central character) asks where are you going - she replies "To have food"! Its a simple statement we make every now & then in our daily life.. but at this juncture the context is enlivened & portrays a clear picture "Hunger knows no bound".

I'll wrap up depicting one of my favourite scene.. thats being the last scene of the movie...

Ganga starts counting the number of people that adds up to the family list owing to the exodus of famine driven people from other villages.. he commens "Its coming to 10"- Ananga replies that she's expecting ,saying" Add another one to it".

Ray captures this unique situation in an exchange of looks between Ganga & Ananga.. signifying a twodimentional impact.. the emergence of a life in such a situation & LIFE itself moves unhindered paying little heed to its surroundings/situations and circumstances!!
siddhartha roy
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