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Its not a new topic, rather ignored by us

Its not a new topic, rather ignored by us

Postby dhimanc on Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:13 am

Dear friends,
"Jana Aranya" the film depicts the unholy alliances between the employers and the "Dalaals", the fact itself hints to the name of the film"The Middleman".
"Jana Aranya", in Bengali, means a dense jungle of human beings. And it is the opportunity to the middlemen for their bread & butter through "Comission", "Cut Money"........
In this film the actor per excellence Rabi Ghosh played one of gem of a role.
Dear Manikjethu, I Know that you know the name of his character.
For other friends,.. I could only say..."Bujhle natabar...Tumio janona...Ami......"
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