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Links: Ray on the Net
A selecte list of web sites and resources about Satyajit Ray and his films:
Web sites about Ray
SatyajitRay.org, a comprehesive look at Ray's life, films and filmmaking.
Satyajit Ray Discussion Forum at Cinelatte.com. A social network for cinema aficionado and filmmakers.
The Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection. Info on his films and biography. Scholarly & detailed.
Wikipedia.org (Satyajit Ray)
Web sites with pages about Ray
Satyajit Ray. Short bio and review of a few films. Manas Culture
Satyajit Ray. Brief bio. kolkatta.com
Satyajit Ray. Brief bio. Bangalinet.com
Satyajit Ray. Short reviews of a few films. Filmref.com
Bengali Cinema, Satyajit Ray. Brief bio. Calcuttaweb.com
Ray's Films. A few reviews. Rdborganization.com
Satyajit Ray. Brief bio. Upperstall.com
Satyajit Ray, Brief Bio and filmography. Senses of cinema
Satyajit Ray and the Art of Universalism: Our Culture, Their Culture, by Amartya Sen
Translating Between Media: Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray, by Clinton Seely
An Art Wedded To Truth, by Michael Sragow
Films of Satyajit Ray: Getting Started, by Dilip Basu
Mastering the Language of Cinema, by Dilip Basu
From Fiction to Film, by Dilip Basu
The World of Pather Panchali. SATISH BAHADUR and SHYAMALA VANARASE discuss structure of Pather Panchali.
Pather Panchali, After Derridean Deconstruction. a paper by DR. ARUP RATAN GHOSH
Satyajit Ray (1921-1992). Vijay Mishra. The Australian Journal of Media & Culture vol. 5 no 2 (1990). Film: Matters of Style. Edited by Adrian
The Last Three Films of Satyajit Ray: In Search of a Subaltern and Postmodern Philosophy. NIRMAL BANDOPADHYAY
A Film-Maker Filmed, T.S. Satyan. T.S.Satyan recalls the experience of getting to know and photographing Satyajit Ray. Frontline India
Retrospectiva Satyajit Ray. An interview with Ray (question in Portugueseand answers in English) with the director on his influences and methods.
Cineaste magazine interview with Satyajit Ray
An interview by Lindsay Anderson. Conducted at the NFT in 1979. British Film Institute.
Books & Videos
Videos of Satyajit Rays' films at amazon.com
Books on Satyajit Ray at amazon.com
Satyajit Ray, on the sets of Ganashatru, 1989 ©Denis Darzacq
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