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1956-1981, Impressive oeuvre

The success of Pather Panchali gave Ray total control over his subsequent films; in his numerous functions—writer, director, casting director, composer (since 1961). Two sequels based on the novel (Aparajito, The Unvanquished, 1956; Apur Sansar, The World of Apu, 1959) completed the acclaimed ‘The Apu Trilogy’.

Aparajito, his second film, was about his young protagonist’s journey towards freedom from his mother’s protection and love. The film won the Golden Lion in Venice.

What followed was a long career as a world-class filmmaker. Until 1981, he would make a feature length film every year.

His later films included – Parash Pathar (The Philosopher’s Stone, 1958), Jalsaghar (The Music Room, 1958), Devi (The Goddess, 1960), Teen Kanya (Two Daughters, 1961), Kanchenjungha, (1962), Charulata (The Lonely Wife, 1964), Pratidwandi (The Adversary 1970), Shantranj Ke Khilari (The Chess Players, 1977), and Ghare-Baire (Home and the World, 1984).

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Still from Ghare Baire (Home and the World)
Still from Ghare Baire (Home and the World)