Satyajit Ray's Literary Career

1961-1992, Writer of non-fiction, stories and novels

In 1961, Ray revived Sandesh, a children’s magazine founded by his grandfather, to which he continued to contribute illustrations, verses and stories throughout his life.

Ray wrote numerous short stories, articles, and novels in Bengali.

He made a significant contribution to children’s literature in Bengali. Most of his fiction was written for teen age children. His detective stories and novels were particularly popular with them.

His stories are unpretentious and entertaining. The subjects included: adventure, detective stories, fantasy, science fiction and even horror.

Books written by Satyajit Ray

About Cinema & Screenplays

  • Ray, Satyajit. Our films, their films. 1st U.S. ed. New York, Hyperion Books, 1994 / Bombay, Orient Longman, 1976. ISBN 0861256379 / 0863113176 / 0861251768 / 0786861223.  A collection of articles written by Ray. Discusses Indian, European, Asian, Russian and Hollywood cinema; aspects of his craft; his encounters with Renoir and Kurosawa; New wave and old masters & Silent films. PaperbackHardcoverUS Edition
  • Ecrits sur le Cinéma (French translation of the above book), Tr. by Tony Mayer, Paris. Editions Jean-Caude Lattés, 1983.
  • Ray, Satyajit. My years with Apu. New Delhi / New York. Viking, 1994. ISBN 0670862150. Ray shares his excitement and worries while making the “Apu Trilogy”; The book is as much about “making of a filmmaker: Satyajit Ray” as the films of the trilogy. Hardcover
  • Ray, Satyajit / Shampa Banerjee. The Apu trilogy. Calcutta, Seagull Books, 1985. ISBN 0571125549, 0856471003, 0804466793, 8170460174. Three screenplays of the “Apu Trilogy” films. PaperbackHardcover
  • Ray, Satyajit. The chess players : and other screenplays. Edited by Andrew Robinson. London, Faber, 1989. ISBN 0571140742. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Childhood Days- A Memoir. South Asia Books, 7th edition. 1998. ISBN 0140250794. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Pather Panchali. Calcutta, Cine Central, 1984. Screenplay.

Fiction & Others

  • Ray, Satyajit. Best of Satyajit Ray. Penguin India, 2001. ISBN 0143028057. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Bravo Professor Shonku. Translated by Kathleen M. O’Connell. Delhi, Rupa & Co., 1986. ISBN 0318369443. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Phatik Chand – a novel. Translated by Lila Ray. Delhi, Vision Books, 1984. ISBN: 086578230X, 0861868935. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Stories. London, Secker & Warburg, 1987. ISBN 0436410109 / 0140097295. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit.Chitrita Banerji (Translator). The adventures of Feluda. India / U.S.A., Penguin Books, 1988. ISBN 0140112219. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. The mystery of the elephant god : more adventures of Feluda, ISBN 0140251227. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Royal Bengal Mystery and Other Feluda Stories. Penguin Books India. ISBN 0140275908. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Feluda’s last case, ISBN 0140257489. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. House of Death and Other Feluda Stories. Penguin Books India. ISBN 0140268030. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. The unicorn expedition, and other fantastic tales of India. New York, E.P. Dutton, 1987. ISBN 0525245448. Paperback
  • Ray, Satyajit. Mystery of the Pink Pearl; The Final Feluda Stories. Penguin Books India; ISBN: 0140278214. Hardcover
  • Ray, Satyajit. Night of the Indigo. Penguin Books Australia Ltd., 2000. ISBN 0140294481
  • Ray, Satyajit. Twenty stories. Translated by Gopa Majumdar. New Delhi / New York, Penguin Books, 1992. ISBN 0140156380. Paperback
  • Ray, Sukumar. Nonsense rhymes. Translated by Satyajit Ray. Calcutta, Writers Workshop, 1970. ISBN 0882535870. Paperback
  • Cartier-Bresson, Henri. Henri Cartier-Bresson in India. Foreword by Satyajit Ray. Mapin Publishing in association with Mapin International, New York, 1987. ISBN 0500277125. Paperback

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